Weapon Select: Thugmasta J

from by MagiTek

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Bill Rizer Razors. Also BASHAAAMM


Peep out the bunker, check out the scene
There ain't no way this coat's coming back clean
Get the insinuation, talking decapitation
These motherfuckers aren't ready for the force they're facin'
Hearts racing, yeah, feel that rush
The killing fields are lush lets make some blood gush
Should I use the J blade? man I don't know
It doesn't seem fair since i charged it down below

If I wanna bash bones I use extowelerax
Its a rookie blade yeah but experience stacks
Throw grenades in the coat cuz you know what's best
Shove it down a mutants throat it explodes their chest
(NO REST) my blood's pumping for the fight
Slicing guts cracking heads all night
The goggles on my head will record all the stats
Crotch kicks head shots blood splats (THATS THAT)

Locked loaded ready to rock
I wipe out your bloodline when I clean your clock
You may think it's funny but you better not laugh
Because I'm rushing at you like a korean playing Starcraft (OH SHIT)
The armors tough but it keeps me well protected
Increase death counts previously projected
I'm the fucking cure to your army's infection
The ultimate injection when I make my selection

When I select my weapon
I'll carve the earth new scars
When I select my weapon
Your soul's headed for the stars
When I select my weapon
This whole fight's gonna change
When I select my weapon
You either dead or wrapped in chains
When I select my weapon
You better be on my side
When I select my weapon
They'll be feeling it worldwide
When I select my weapon
You won't have time to run
And when I select my weapon
It's time to have some fun


from Odd Entities, released June 6, 2009
Composed and produced by J and Quartz

Lyrics by J




MagiTek Orlando, Florida

MagiTek is a musical project that has grown over the years into what could be most easily considered an electronica/nerdcore group.

Conjuring vibes on "the fantastic over the mundane", magick, dystopian metropolises, space/time travel, overfiends, automatons..AND MORE.

You'll often find varying degrees of counterculture throughout. Maybe a bit of sociology to go with that song about hentai.
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