Weapon Select: Quartz Relic

from by MagiTek

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Weapon Select tracks were spawned working with Krondor Krew way back.


(you heartless sworcer swordsman!)

(hmm....i like the sound of that)

Drop to the abyss with a pair of clenched fists
Fear and anxiousness must be dismissed
I'm trading them for bliss as I blow death a kiss
Embracing the taste of laying everything to waste
Something deep down to destroy I can't avoid it
No way to run around the choice solidified
My stride in time and what was mandated
Power in the crater, hunger to be sated

In a meditative state I concentrate on battle tactics
So my actions on the battle field will be automatic
All will be accomplished with the proper preparation
So to face all situations there are tools I am taking
I'm making them if need be from the lair of my enemy
The core of what is needed resides deep within
Before it begins I bust a couple bullet bills
Refresh access accentuate my arsenal

Selection of the weapon
Preparing for the fight
They're coming they're coming
From every direction
You know it's gonna be a long night

I've got chaos legions all around me
In control both ranged and melee
Spoil of battles bizarre adventures
Entities stand by me like familiars
With my skills fulfilled I flex at level 99
I got more kills then Arnold does in every movie of his combined
Astral blades holy hand grenades a king size shark repellent bat spray
Stray too much get blown away proximity mines in the unseen places
Get it on faced with oblivion mission success they call me the best
When I'm dressed with the gears and spheres
I got your enemies screaming in fear

(it's like flirting with fucking death itself...now...now i'm going mad)

Selection of the weapon
Preparing for the fight
They're coming at me
From every direction
You know it's gonna be a long fucking night


from Odd Entities, released June 6, 2009
Composed, produced, and lyrics by Quartz




MagiTek Orlando, Florida

MagiTek is a musical project that has grown over the years into what could be most easily considered an electronica/nerdcore group.

Conjuring vibes on "the fantastic over the mundane", magick, dystopian metropolises, space/time travel, overfiends, automatons..AND MORE.

You'll often find varying degrees of counterculture throughout. Maybe a bit of sociology to go with that song about hentai.
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