Value Rap #2 (Cellophane Flow) ft. funky49

from by MagiTek

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Fresh flows, random and absurd. So funky we had to feature him.


Thugmasta J:
free thinking free wheeling
always appealing
got that hairy lip got that mustache feeling
making you go ga ga sly muthafaka
funky like a rasta fresh fresh papa
magitek knights wont fight tonight
dont get us wrong cuz we rock the mic right
making ladies sweat at the discoteque
while vampire boys straight up nip your neck
pheromone vapors are filling up your lungs
youre making wordplay im making puns
I got styles for miles you've got cliches for days
I'm a cream filled donut and your mind is glazed
chest puffed out with that hibiki pride
girls come for the rhymes but stay for the ride
and thats just fine I'll feed you ice nine
like Billy Pilgrim I'm unstuck in time

Quartz Relic:
Lemme get to work possibly perked up
On the old cold medicine again
Every so often it makes me feel like yoshi
And I just touched fuzzy
Gotta make skrilla so I can be filled
And the various bills wont continue to build
Methods of income should be more fun
Somebody please shoot me with a fully loaded money gun
Cosmic ladies know my virility
Bringin' that wookie stamina up in their facility
Got those boxes handled right
Apple jack in the sack yo I eat what i like
Supercalifragalistic mystics
Syllables crunched like a bunch of fishsticks
The business is run with a little bit of luck
M Bison drives a semi truck

Pull out the brawl pick Mama Luigi
Piccolo dickin those that get near me
Come into my deep dark lair with a light
YOU MUST DIE man its all right
Judge Doom, Dredd, or Drop Dead Fred
My dinner blaster keeps you all well fed
With Ronald McDonald insanity part two
Sweded films dipped into this internet stew
Wasting my time to sit back laugh and chill
Youtube poop is my crack and it kills my mind

With no time to rewind
Like a Hind D coming from behind me
How do i shot web? You might ask
Ninja Spiderman fucked up the master of task
Goons and b-tards keep me on my toes
Bumpin' Dave Matthews chillin' with my bros...

You've ordered value rap #2
Cellophane flow delivered straight to you!
Here's your value rap #2
And this is how we do
You've ordered value rap #2
Cellophane flow delivered straight to you!
Here's your value rap #2...

And this is how we do it, so damn good
Your daily dose will be altered I hope its understood
Just let our combination take control
And a bit of that funky flavor goes
A long way to get your body moving
MTek sounds new druid movement

Who is this doin' this
Synthetic type of alpha-beta psychedelic funkem?
It's your pumpkin carver butterfly from larva
49 never known to starve ya
My cat gets more tail from lizards
Than you stuck with a sorority in a blizzard
Known guys that cold clock COCOTs
Knocked telcos with any color box
Baseline's got the syncopation station
MagiTek rock the rhymes you're craving
My Orlando bros with saving throws
Talk some shit and your mouth I close
More wall fly than a skirt chaser
Steam the green still a Starblazer
Like Kurzweil I'm a fargazer
Here with MagiTek to amaze ya!

[touched fuzzy)


from Odd Entities, released June 6, 2009
Composed by Quartz and J
Produced by Quartz
Lyrics by J, Quartz, Shamus, funky49




MagiTek Orlando, Florida

MagiTek is a musical project that has grown over the years into what could be most easily considered an electronica/nerdcore group.

Conjuring vibes on "the fantastic over the mundane", magick, dystopian metropolises, space/time travel, overfiends, automatons..AND MORE.

You'll often find varying degrees of counterculture throughout. Maybe a bit of sociology to go with that song about hentai.
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