This Toss

from by MagiTek

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This track was almost lost and revamped more than once. Made it and remains groovy.



Find a groovy rhyme to cut up this shit
A lyrical rampage to make a hit
MagiTek's bringing those rapid fire shots
To bust up this place and what have we got?
A mished mashed track add a dash paprika
Delicious track sent straight from your speaker
Europe Asia Australia too
Cuttin up beats for you and your crew
Ripping through the system of beats and rhymes
Churning together a flash flood of slime
Ectoplasm fluid hits its mark
Hard but chewy dripping form tree bark
Nodding your head to this funky jam
Spreading it thick but tight like a clam
A Shamus souffle is a balanced meal
Well that's what I bring with zeal


We've got the mad beats
(Block rocking hip hoppin)
And you know we brought em, for this toss
(Synth poppin beat boxin)
We've got the mad beats
(Block rocking hip hoppin)
And you know we brought em, for this toss
(Synth poppin beat)

Quartz Relic:

All the cool people listen to this
Our hits and riffs and maddening blips
Lets see what language comes from those
That developed burnt lips spitting fiery prose
I checked out the sound test in the options
Programmed sequence overclocking
Talking to my dogs who wanna achieve
You gotta do what? I gotta believe!
Here I toss out my line now bite
If you spit it out thats quite alright
In spite of that though I'm gonna keep trying
Climbing to the top
Do I hesitate? No way
Too much wack shit for me to say
And the tapestry that we sew by flowin'
Will be held in the future Smithsonian

Thugmasta J:

I know you can't resist this vibe
That pent up energy deep inside
Playing in your head on a constant loop
This toss is turning your brain to soup
You try to resist or bob you head
Or concentrate on something else instead
But it's here to stay, possessing your being
And it's gonna keep playing repeating (repeating)
Youv'e searched far and wide for the ultimate rave
And the MagiTek sound is what you crave
Flows are created not destroyed
It's the laws of physic that we avoid
Hit those drums let em ride
From the birth of man till the oceans dried
Are you rocking out or just tapping your feet?
You know we got those got those got those MAD FUCKING BEATS

Chorus 2


The Magitechnicians are a force to be reckoned with
Fear us hear us cause now we're beckoned
Assaulting the mic on the galactic stage
Plugged in powered up with a primal rage
Form humble beginnings we're moving on
The table of squares and project octagon
Speaking through riddles that are flowing through time
While capped out damage breaks down the mind
Corporeal ethereal and mythical ones
Then its on to the square root of negative one
Fueled by sin juice and life giving dew
Quad nine is ready to give it up for you
Did we go too far or exceed expectations?
On board or not we'll permeate nations
Better know how to act when you're facing the boss
Cause we're laying down the mad beats for this toss


from Odd Entities, released June 6, 2009
Composed by Quartz and J
Produced by Quartz
Lyrics by Shamus, Quartz, J, Quad Nine




MagiTek Orlando, Florida

MagiTek is a musical project that has grown over the years into what could be most easily considered an electronica/nerdcore group.

Conjuring vibes on "the fantastic over the mundane", magick, dystopian metropolises, space/time travel, overfiends, automatons..AND MORE.

You'll often find varying degrees of counterculture throughout. Maybe a bit of sociology to go with that song about hentai.
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