16​-​Bit Wizardry

from by MagiTek

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The best hard raps about all kinds of wizard shit in 3/4 time you'll probably ever hear.


Quartz Relic:

Astral project shuffle decks
fatal mindsets so remote
yet easily kept in check your will's but a speck
Th damage you attempted to hit reflects
magitechniques meet ill gill beats to show these geeks just how we hex
Arcane in the membrane ambivalent alchemist
I aim to end your lame gimmicks
With a grip on my wand thats got your
Lady hot lately, see I know it hurts when I cast curse upon lovelines
Honestly though, she wanted it first, one time
All it takes, and I still shine, sage on the mic but
When you need to be rocked hot, the fiery warlock comes outta me raw
Dropping your jaw, oh no with the meteo barrage
In awe cant dodge the onslaught and so you fall
Forever endure, the sorcerer
Worse than mordors deepest corridors
My grimoires on table napkins kick your backend
Then rend meaning you found useless, brusied and confused
Dark matter swallows brightness
Can't diss my name I leave you silenced


Many have tried to end my legend
Time after time but they're lacking the mind
Black winds may howl but the end comes beyond the chaos

The warlock in me demands recognition
A master of arts that most think are hidden
Facing my minions you're thinking too physically
Rend your existence with 16 bit wizardry

Thug J the Grey:

Got my staff in hand
Less then god more than man
you dont understand
Tim the Enchanter blam
Merlin was a sham
And you can't step to my magic clan
Up all night learning spells
Enchanting relics with rainbow shells
I got this place locked down
I'll nab your crown
And darkness will descend
Your body wont be be found
Hear that sound? Yeah x-zone's open
Cast vanish first cuz my techniques broken
Once words are spoken your throat gets closed
You're chokin, you're hopin‚
That my mana's getting low
But it wains slow my power will soon grow
With your demise look at my eyes
Glowing red in the sunrise
Yeah funny how time flies
When....the....end is so close
I'll cast flare 6 and then i''ll roast
Your soul out your body
Then I'll capture your hottie
Lock her in my tower so high
Till the king sends some other guy
To die!

Chorus 2

Such sorcery's commonly spoke as forbidden
I'm sipping my potions and astrally trippin'
Your very best spell's a halloween recipe
Blast you to hell with 16 bit wizardry!


You dare to compare?
Ascend the last stair, beware!
You're facing luminaire
You think we're fighting fair?
Hordes of mortals cringing in despair
When we are on the megabrand assault
Storing your souls deep within our vault
Magi-master dark magic caster
Bringing death faster
You can get hasty, maybe break me
Just a waste im gonna outlast your
Feeble attempts to defy our will
Keeping your beating heart still
Mana tappin rapidly until I get my fill
But this fanatic makes it all so tragic collecting espers extracting magic
I'm a blue mage this aint no rage releasing my monsters outta their cage
Waging wars on tyranosaurs with my egg in my hand for the double xp score
Hurt more and you're gonna get murdered with my pyrotechnics provided by surtr
Casting giga slave powered up by my runes engraved
Breaking the seal, the secrets revealed, the black veil is peeled
Kneel before me and I might end it quickly!

Chorus 3

Stormin' my spire come get your dividend
A blade up for hire your payment is glistenin'
Snap this illusion beyond your ability
Trapping your soul with 16 bit wizardry!


from Odd Entities, released June 6, 2009
Composed by Quartz and IllGill
Produced by Quartz
Lyrics by Quartz, J, Quad Nine, and Shamus




MagiTek Orlando, Florida

MagiTek is a musical project that has grown over the years into what could be most easily considered an electronica/nerdcore group.

Conjuring vibes on "the fantastic over the mundane", magick, dystopian metropolises, space/time travel, overfiends, automatons..AND MORE.

You'll often find varying degrees of counterculture throughout. Maybe a bit of sociology to go with that song about hentai.
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