Odd Entities

by MagiTek

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Gadz000ks I love this shit so damn much. Favorite track: Value Rap #2 (Cellophane Flow) ft. funky49.
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After the age of early EXP, MagiTek developed fusing new styles into the mix. The transition came from more “rappish” songwriting, and recording/writing live as a 4 person group. This EP contains a variety of sounds: breakbeat, industrial, crunky...nerdcore? Listeners get acquainted with the mythos and flava of the self-proclaimed Masters of Dimensional Rhythm*.

*MagiTek are the only practitioners of said style.


released June 6, 2009

All tracks produced by Quartz Relic / Another Sphere 2007-2009. See individual tracks for composition/writing credits.




MagiTek Orlando, Florida

MagiTek is a musical project that has grown over the years into what could be most easily considered an electronica/nerdcore group.

Conjuring vibes on "the fantastic over the mundane", magick, dystopian metropolises, space/time travel, overfiends, automatons..AND MORE.

You'll often find varying degrees of counterculture throughout. Maybe a bit of sociology to go with that song about hentai.
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Track Name: Odd Entities
You can hear whispers in the trees, who are these Odd Entities?
From outer space down to the streets, never what they seem to be...
A mystery will unfold, you'll see, a role we play in history
Dimensional rhythm with longevity, the expertise of these Odd Entities

Instantly our essence abruptly
Interrupts the forefront injects new energy
Odd entities well you might say
Or at least we will here as the beat plays
Making known the zone we hail from
Taking flows to get here through a maelstrom son
Formed in heaven or hell our will developed
Selling you our gold but it can't be melted
Now know this seeds were sown
Ages ago, but we always grow
Now more than ever remember the past fondly
While I fondle the future, yo she's such a hottie
Abundant in the crust, significant memento
And my geek goes way beyond nintendo
Quartz Relic will storm the studio
Just the beginning of a new crescendo
So lets go and kick this party proper
Beat dropper show stopper dimension hopper
Skills increase exponentially with every release
The perfect sound is our golden fleece
With high tech spells and magical gears
Complex melodies from different spheres
No need to fear the result is totally clear
The wait is over the time trippers are here
Forget what you expect we're always undefined
Slingin' tons of mud and you're still outshined
Till your blind and beaten absorbing the tunes
That we manifest in space on crimson moons
Bust intelligently geeks with a capital G
Got my crew mystic and they rockin' with me
Whether violently or metaphorically
I'm undoubtedly an odd entity


Shamus, Shank, Mr Nirvaughnya
Ripping through this grand existentia
Lacking finesse has got me feeling stressed
Stuck here again dealing with the madness
All these facsimiles
Just cant stand next to the many entries
We took hold of from a few pages
In destiny's tome the rest is outrageous
Ex nihilo, that's the secret
a vortex revealed to those that seek it
Lyrical affliction coming from the Quad
With the Masta, the Relic, and Shamus the Odd
Hidden room mods that never existed
The ultimate mind hack aurally twisted back
Safe passages we don't tread em
Cutting up the club just like red venom
Grab a microphone, get possessed
Play your set, get wrecked, and forget the rest
Stay within the confines, have a little foresight
I'll be back with the skins and get my beat on tonight
You sought something red hot, Heut Nacht!
Just look at yourself yo, you got rocked
How to explain it? What can I say?
Begins with an M, ends with a K
Wandering infinity's coast
Social links seekin' out their multiple hosts
No limitations to what MagiTek sows
No idea of the plant, just that the shit grows
Fuck formulaic were phantasmagoric
Ya can't avoid it kid or ignore it
Always looking for a new trick
That's our addiction and we're never gonna quit

Track Name: Value Rap #2 (Cellophane Flow) ft. funky49
Thugmasta J:
free thinking free wheeling
always appealing
got that hairy lip got that mustache feeling
making you go ga ga sly muthafaka
funky like a rasta fresh fresh papa
magitek knights wont fight tonight
dont get us wrong cuz we rock the mic right
making ladies sweat at the discoteque
while vampire boys straight up nip your neck
pheromone vapors are filling up your lungs
youre making wordplay im making puns
I got styles for miles you've got cliches for days
I'm a cream filled donut and your mind is glazed
chest puffed out with that hibiki pride
girls come for the rhymes but stay for the ride
and thats just fine I'll feed you ice nine
like Billy Pilgrim I'm unstuck in time

Quartz Relic:
Lemme get to work possibly perked up
On the old cold medicine again
Every so often it makes me feel like yoshi
And I just touched fuzzy
Gotta make skrilla so I can be filled
And the various bills wont continue to build
Methods of income should be more fun
Somebody please shoot me with a fully loaded money gun
Cosmic ladies know my virility
Bringin' that wookie stamina up in their facility
Got those boxes handled right
Apple jack in the sack yo I eat what i like
Supercalifragalistic mystics
Syllables crunched like a bunch of fishsticks
The business is run with a little bit of luck
M Bison drives a semi truck

Pull out the brawl pick Mama Luigi
Piccolo dickin those that get near me
Come into my deep dark lair with a light
YOU MUST DIE man its all right
Judge Doom, Dredd, or Drop Dead Fred
My dinner blaster keeps you all well fed
With Ronald McDonald insanity part two
Sweded films dipped into this internet stew
Wasting my time to sit back laugh and chill
Youtube poop is my crack and it kills my mind

With no time to rewind
Like a Hind D coming from behind me
How do i shot web? You might ask
Ninja Spiderman fucked up the master of task
Goons and b-tards keep me on my toes
Bumpin' Dave Matthews chillin' with my bros...

You've ordered value rap #2
Cellophane flow delivered straight to you!
Here's your value rap #2
And this is how we do
You've ordered value rap #2
Cellophane flow delivered straight to you!
Here's your value rap #2...

And this is how we do it, so damn good
Your daily dose will be altered I hope its understood
Just let our combination take control
And a bit of that funky flavor goes
A long way to get your body moving
MTek sounds new druid movement

Who is this doin' this
Synthetic type of alpha-beta psychedelic funkem?
It's your pumpkin carver butterfly from larva
49 never known to starve ya
My cat gets more tail from lizards
Than you stuck with a sorority in a blizzard
Known guys that cold clock COCOTs
Knocked telcos with any color box
Baseline's got the syncopation station
MagiTek rock the rhymes you're craving
My Orlando bros with saving throws
Talk some shit and your mouth I close
More wall fly than a skirt chaser
Steam the green still a Starblazer
Like Kurzweil I'm a fargazer
Here with MagiTek to amaze ya!

[touched fuzzy)
Track Name: Gold Teef (for err body)

Bitches know who I am
I'm the baddest muthafucka from O-town to Japan
Running with the baddest crew like you know how we do
When you sees my gold teef you know i'm better than you
Err body tipsy, you can't get as drunk as me
We be in the parking lot stuntin like we OG
Gold teef for err body ou know what we all about
Roll up in the dentist's bitch be minin' up in my mouth
I look fresh to death dressed up like i'm hypebeast
People try to jack my watch my ice so icy
Tryna to cop my kicks cuz they shine so nicely
Err thing is gold and you know that it's pricey


30 inch rims! 30 inch rims!
Look at these chains! Look at these chains!


Never sharin' my carats with shiny eyed grill crooks
Hearing nothing ya whiny parrots read in school books
Question: why is it when I flash my grin
Heads spin necks bend like I'm brandishing a weapon?
FUNK DAT no need for gats I got a bullet tooth
Pump my jaw right your life goes poof
Ladies betting on the chance of getting my midas kiss
MIght be statuettes when they fall from my lips
I've got a whole collection, I'm not even kidding
Golddiggin women get it now how nice they really living
I'm just playing what Im saying it's just some dust that I'm spittin
Strip me no you didn't kid, thats forbidden
There was no surgery, yeah ya heard right
What I earned didn't occur just overnight to my bite
The gold teef and soul came as i grew older
Conquistadors land on my shoulders!

[Hook x 2]


Chomping at the bit for my time on this track
Melt down Fort Knox into dentures no holding back
No flash photography you'll be visually impaired
The light hits my mug right gives off a solar flare!
People always say that my metal mouth is vain
They're just fucking jealous wishing they had all this fame
Have to keep security like a James Bond VIllain
Or else my set ends up with thieves like Lupin

[Thuggy J:]

Got a gold grill got gold teef too
And you're gonna see both when I cook steaks for my crew
we be
Shining by the pool and we rocking golden speedos
Long island iced teas and big bowls of fritos
Iced out iced in, ice sparkle nice
I be flashing my grin and the girls get enticed
Got big gold spinners, thirty inches bitches
One time I hit my head and got six gold stitches
Track Name: Fresh From the Rivers Down Below
Thug J is back from the rhymes from below
I spit it cold with a flow like snow
Stealing beats from the fortress music
It's on the e-zone so I'm gonna use it
I don't use e-mail to proposition boys
Have no need for Mark Foley's toys
Looking forward to the interim election
See if America makes the right selections
If they don't we'll be in trouble
And you'll see me come out the rubble
In one hand is krunkman's axe
The other one holds tasty snacks
Caffeine for all its anime night
MVC 2 lets do it right
Cuz I'm wiggin out like Don Patch
Sexy ladies, show some snatch

I pulled this out my ass
I thought you should know
Fresh from the rivers down below

Six years later still busting raps
Avoiding all the trendy traps
I could give a shit about bling or grills
I make my skrilla and pay my bills
Sit and home and eat easy mac
Plan my next vocal attack
Unleash it for everyone to hear
And when they don't I shed no tears
Instead I get back to work
They could never stop this jerk
I've been dissed on I've been flamed
But they're close minded all the same
When I write rhymes they're for my boys
So they can jam to the wicked noise
And bump that shit in their car
To all my homies near and far


Back up in your ass like a proctologist
I don't give a shit you get the gist
The time has come to face your fears
Nah just kidding, have a beer
While I kick back and sip the dew
Product placement I thought you knew
They're writing me a huge fucking check
Woo hah! (I get no respect)
And that's what i get for selling out
No street cred to brag about
Nobody screaming Thugmasta J
Just jackin on 4chan and that's okay
And when my body leaves my soul
You'll reflect on the beats I stole
You'll remember this here track
And say that it was fucking wack


Aw hell yeah
That's right
Give it to 'em J
Don't stop it

You showed them shekkie!
Track Name: Weapon Select: Quartz Relic
(you heartless sworcer swordsman!)

(hmm....i like the sound of that)

Drop to the abyss with a pair of clenched fists
Fear and anxiousness must be dismissed
I'm trading them for bliss as I blow death a kiss
Embracing the taste of laying everything to waste
Something deep down to destroy I can't avoid it
No way to run around the choice solidified
My stride in time and what was mandated
Power in the crater, hunger to be sated

In a meditative state I concentrate on battle tactics
So my actions on the battle field will be automatic
All will be accomplished with the proper preparation
So to face all situations there are tools I am taking
I'm making them if need be from the lair of my enemy
The core of what is needed resides deep within
Before it begins I bust a couple bullet bills
Refresh access accentuate my arsenal

Selection of the weapon
Preparing for the fight
They're coming they're coming
From every direction
You know it's gonna be a long night

I've got chaos legions all around me
In control both ranged and melee
Spoil of battles bizarre adventures
Entities stand by me like familiars
With my skills fulfilled I flex at level 99
I got more kills then Arnold does in every movie of his combined
Astral blades holy hand grenades a king size shark repellent bat spray
Stray too much get blown away proximity mines in the unseen places
Get it on faced with oblivion mission success they call me the best
When I'm dressed with the gears and spheres
I got your enemies screaming in fear

(it's like flirting with fucking death itself...now...now i'm going mad)

Selection of the weapon
Preparing for the fight
They're coming at me
From every direction
You know it's gonna be a long fucking night
Track Name: Weapon Select: Thugmasta J
Peep out the bunker, check out the scene
There ain't no way this coat's coming back clean
Get the insinuation, talking decapitation
These motherfuckers aren't ready for the force they're facin'
Hearts racing, yeah, feel that rush
The killing fields are lush lets make some blood gush
Should I use the J blade? man I don't know
It doesn't seem fair since i charged it down below

If I wanna bash bones I use extowelerax
Its a rookie blade yeah but experience stacks
Throw grenades in the coat cuz you know what's best
Shove it down a mutants throat it explodes their chest
(NO REST) my blood's pumping for the fight
Slicing guts cracking heads all night
The goggles on my head will record all the stats
Crotch kicks head shots blood splats (THATS THAT)

Locked loaded ready to rock
I wipe out your bloodline when I clean your clock
You may think it's funny but you better not laugh
Because I'm rushing at you like a korean playing Starcraft (OH SHIT)
The armors tough but it keeps me well protected
Increase death counts previously projected
I'm the fucking cure to your army's infection
The ultimate injection when I make my selection

When I select my weapon
I'll carve the earth new scars
When I select my weapon
Your soul's headed for the stars
When I select my weapon
This whole fight's gonna change
When I select my weapon
You either dead or wrapped in chains
When I select my weapon
You better be on my side
When I select my weapon
They'll be feeling it worldwide
When I select my weapon
You won't have time to run
And when I select my weapon
It's time to have some fun
Track Name: This Toss

Find a groovy rhyme to cut up this shit
A lyrical rampage to make a hit
MagiTek's bringing those rapid fire shots
To bust up this place and what have we got?
A mished mashed track add a dash paprika
Delicious track sent straight from your speaker
Europe Asia Australia too
Cuttin up beats for you and your crew
Ripping through the system of beats and rhymes
Churning together a flash flood of slime
Ectoplasm fluid hits its mark
Hard but chewy dripping form tree bark
Nodding your head to this funky jam
Spreading it thick but tight like a clam
A Shamus souffle is a balanced meal
Well that's what I bring with zeal


We've got the mad beats
(Block rocking hip hoppin)
And you know we brought em, for this toss
(Synth poppin beat boxin)
We've got the mad beats
(Block rocking hip hoppin)
And you know we brought em, for this toss
(Synth poppin beat)

Quartz Relic:

All the cool people listen to this
Our hits and riffs and maddening blips
Lets see what language comes from those
That developed burnt lips spitting fiery prose
I checked out the sound test in the options
Programmed sequence overclocking
Talking to my dogs who wanna achieve
You gotta do what? I gotta believe!
Here I toss out my line now bite
If you spit it out thats quite alright
In spite of that though I'm gonna keep trying
Climbing to the top
Do I hesitate? No way
Too much wack shit for me to say
And the tapestry that we sew by flowin'
Will be held in the future Smithsonian

Thugmasta J:

I know you can't resist this vibe
That pent up energy deep inside
Playing in your head on a constant loop
This toss is turning your brain to soup
You try to resist or bob you head
Or concentrate on something else instead
But it's here to stay, possessing your being
And it's gonna keep playing repeating (repeating)
Youv'e searched far and wide for the ultimate rave
And the MagiTek sound is what you crave
Flows are created not destroyed
It's the laws of physic that we avoid
Hit those drums let em ride
From the birth of man till the oceans dried
Are you rocking out or just tapping your feet?
You know we got those got those got those MAD FUCKING BEATS

Chorus 2


The Magitechnicians are a force to be reckoned with
Fear us hear us cause now we're beckoned
Assaulting the mic on the galactic stage
Plugged in powered up with a primal rage
Form humble beginnings we're moving on
The table of squares and project octagon
Speaking through riddles that are flowing through time
While capped out damage breaks down the mind
Corporeal ethereal and mythical ones
Then its on to the square root of negative one
Fueled by sin juice and life giving dew
Quad nine is ready to give it up for you
Did we go too far or exceed expectations?
On board or not we'll permeate nations
Better know how to act when you're facing the boss
Cause we're laying down the mad beats for this toss
Track Name: 16-Bit Wizardry
Quartz Relic:

Astral project shuffle decks
fatal mindsets so remote
yet easily kept in check your will's but a speck
Th damage you attempted to hit reflects
magitechniques meet ill gill beats to show these geeks just how we hex
Arcane in the membrane ambivalent alchemist
I aim to end your lame gimmicks
With a grip on my wand thats got your
Lady hot lately, see I know it hurts when I cast curse upon lovelines
Honestly though, she wanted it first, one time
All it takes, and I still shine, sage on the mic but
When you need to be rocked hot, the fiery warlock comes outta me raw
Dropping your jaw, oh no with the meteo barrage
In awe cant dodge the onslaught and so you fall
Forever endure, the sorcerer
Worse than mordors deepest corridors
My grimoires on table napkins kick your backend
Then rend meaning you found useless, brusied and confused
Dark matter swallows brightness
Can't diss my name I leave you silenced


Many have tried to end my legend
Time after time but they're lacking the mind
Black winds may howl but the end comes beyond the chaos

The warlock in me demands recognition
A master of arts that most think are hidden
Facing my minions you're thinking too physically
Rend your existence with 16 bit wizardry

Thug J the Grey:

Got my staff in hand
Less then god more than man
you dont understand
Tim the Enchanter blam
Merlin was a sham
And you can't step to my magic clan
Up all night learning spells
Enchanting relics with rainbow shells
I got this place locked down
I'll nab your crown
And darkness will descend
Your body wont be be found
Hear that sound? Yeah x-zone's open
Cast vanish first cuz my techniques broken
Once words are spoken your throat gets closed
You're chokin, you're hopin‚
That my mana's getting low
But it wains slow my power will soon grow
With your demise look at my eyes
Glowing red in the sunrise
Yeah funny how time flies
When....the....end is so close
I'll cast flare 6 and then i''ll roast
Your soul out your body
Then I'll capture your hottie
Lock her in my tower so high
Till the king sends some other guy
To die!

Chorus 2

Such sorcery's commonly spoke as forbidden
I'm sipping my potions and astrally trippin'
Your very best spell's a halloween recipe
Blast you to hell with 16 bit wizardry!


You dare to compare?
Ascend the last stair, beware!
You're facing luminaire
You think we're fighting fair?
Hordes of mortals cringing in despair
When we are on the megabrand assault
Storing your souls deep within our vault
Magi-master dark magic caster
Bringing death faster
You can get hasty, maybe break me
Just a waste im gonna outlast your
Feeble attempts to defy our will
Keeping your beating heart still
Mana tappin rapidly until I get my fill
But this fanatic makes it all so tragic collecting espers extracting magic
I'm a blue mage this aint no rage releasing my monsters outta their cage
Waging wars on tyranosaurs with my egg in my hand for the double xp score
Hurt more and you're gonna get murdered with my pyrotechnics provided by surtr
Casting giga slave powered up by my runes engraved
Breaking the seal, the secrets revealed, the black veil is peeled
Kneel before me and I might end it quickly!

Chorus 3

Stormin' my spire come get your dividend
A blade up for hire your payment is glistenin'
Snap this illusion beyond your ability
Trapping your soul with 16 bit wizardry!
Track Name: Lakent
Before the sun comes out, he runs down the gravel street
Toughened by the rough terrain, he rocks wont move his feet
He gathers a tray of orange juice, he's careful not to spill it
Delivering to the elders of India, he makes sure they get their fill...

his name was Lakent...his name was Lakent....

As they gulp down the juice, the boy does a crazy dance
He wanted to deliver gallons of milk, but he never got the chance
When it comes to jobs in the caste system, you don't always get to pick it
He got reincarnated as a lightning bolt, and struck down all the wicked...

his name was Lakent...his name was Lakent....

indra bestowed a role onto this server child
Whose atman redirected high where clouds contain a smile
Those vile that treat children as tools will come to find their fate is cruel
Monstrous monstorms (yes a made up word) consume
Crackin' the air and bringing your doom!


Hes gonna raise hell, heaven sent for punishment
If you have time you must repent!


The potent taste of sweat dairy and citrus
Upon your lips for deaths kiss!


Hes bringing it down upon your crown
A deafening sound is all around


Lakents legend continues, darkness descends upon you...